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Dentures are made of various types of material. At Jorda Denture Clinic we use only the finest material to craft our dentures. The different types of material include:

Acrylics: used for full or partials denture construction used for denture teeth

Chrome: used for partial denture framework construction & clasps used for reinforcements

Porcelain: used for denture teeth

Digestion – to chew food properly, not eating with tongue,or swallow large pieces of food improper digestion can cause heart burn, bloating, bad breath, indigestion

Health – eat a variety of foods for good health foods rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins & fiber.

Esthetics – missing teeth make face & lips appear sunken-in curtails “smiling”

- the bone in spaces shrinks and causes hollows

- unsupported teeth drift in the mouth

Speech – sloppy or unclear speech

Self esteem – looking and feeling good about yourself

Full upper & lower dentures

Replace all missing teeth on the upper & lower ridges

BPS (biofunctional prosthetic system)

- premium quality denture

- sophisticated instrumentation records facial information

- premium natural looking teeth are used

-recreates character of your smile, natural contour of lips & facial muscles

Standard dentures: use basic materials, tooth shades & shapes

Immediate dentures: used when extraction of teeth will be immediately replaced by a denture used so the patient will not be without teeth several months of bone & gum shrinkage “a natural occurrence” will necessitate denture adjustments for fit & comfort this type of denture may be followed by a new permanent denture, reline or rebase.

Implant based dentures: a denture which is made to fit over implants.

Partial dentures: replace only the missing teeth on upper & lower ridges. For more information visit: http://www.versacryl.net/

Cast frame dentures: use of chrome metal for construction of the framework & or clasps teeth are same as for full dentures this type of denture can also be an immediate denture

Acrylic base: the framework is made with acrylic as for full dentures teeth are same as for full dentures this type of denture can also be an immediate denture.